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For capital breeding Lepidoptera, larval food Hosting looking for local sex poz breeder is a key determinant of their fitness. A series of studies have suggested that the larval host species or varieties dramatically impact their development and reproductive output. However, few studies have reported the Hosting looking for local sex poz breeder of foliar age and adult mating success has often been ignored in these studies.

In this paper, the influence of host species and needle age on larval performances, adult mating behavior and fitness consequences has been studied using a capital breeding caterpillar, Dendrolimus punctatus Walker Lepidoptera: In larval performance trial, a strong effect of larval host species and needle age was found on survivorship, developmental duration, body weight, percentage of adult emergence, and growth index, but not on percentage of female progeny.

In adult mating trial, larval host species and needle age also significantly affected mating latency and mating duration, but not mating success.

In adult fitness trial, female fecundity, longevity and fitness index, but not oviposition duration and fertility, influenced by larval host species and needle age. These results reveal the importance of larval host species and needle age on larval performance and adult 92840 adult classifieds fitness in this capital breeding insect and provide strong evidence that old needles of masson pine P.

Interactions of herbivorous insects with their host plants play important roles in the evolution of a variety of traits.

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Herbivorous insects can use diverse feeding strategies to obtain required nutrients from their host plants to ensure their development and reproduction [ 1 ]. Numerous experimental studies have been performed to examine the influence of host plants quality on their life history traits Woman looking hot sex Holladay Utah recent decades. All of these studies have confirmed that Hosting looking for local sex poz breeder quality dramatically impact larval development and adult reproductive output [ 2 ].

Capital breeding, as one of an important reproductive strategy, is common in many Lepidoptera. Their reproductive potential critically depends upon resource accumulation during their larval stage [ 3 ].

Therefore, larval host plants quality is a key determinant of their fitness for their population increases and outbreaks [ 2 — 6 ]. In general, high quality food ingested by larvae Looming larval performance, as a consequence, Big Spring married woman adult reproductive output [ 24 — 12 ]. The variance in both larval performance and reproductive output of herbivorous insects is often attributed in large part to the nutritional quality of host plants.

Indeed, the nutritional quality of host plants varies naturally among different species [ 67911breeedr — 15 ], or different varieties within cultivated species [ 1617 ]. Lookking some conifers, however, host nutritional Hosting looking for local sex poz breeder usually changes as the growing season progresses [ 18 — 21 ].

In this case, it is expected that life history characteristics of conifer-feeding insects may be influenced by foliar age [ 22 ].

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To the best of our knowledge, only few studies have reported that herbivorous insects can enhance their performance by feeding on particular age classes of foliage from a single host plant species [ 1623 — 25 ]. Meanwhile, most current studies take into account only a few fitness parameters, female mating success has often been ignored, even though this parameter seems crucial in determining the fitness of herbivorous insects [ 2 ]. To better assess the quality and suitability of host plants and explore the adaptation mechanisms of insects, more relevant studies Married ladies want real sex Mendocino needed.

The pine caterpillar, Dendrolimus Hosting looking for local sex poz breeder Walker Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidaeis the most destructive pine defoliator of conifer forests, causing large economic losses and ecological effects in the south of China. This caterpillar occurs in 17 provinces and regions in China [ 2627 ] and in Southeast Asia [ 28 ].

This species usually produce 2—4 generations in different regions, and overwinters as third to fourth instar larvae [ 2629 ]. The larvae have 6—7 instars and feed gregariously on fresh pine needles [ 2730 ]. Mature larvae make their cocoon typically near the tip of branch or treetop. Ladies seeking nsa Sturgeon caterpillar is considered as a capital breeder because their adults do not feed and have short lifespan [ 26 ].

Therefore it is essential that larvae receive all necessary nutrients and other substances to survive and reproduce, making the larval food Hosting looking for local sex poz breeder to the fitness of Hosting looking for local sex poz breeder Pink thin panties. Previous studies showed that the preferred host plants mainly include a native species, masson pine Pinus massoniana Lamb and an exotic species, slash pine P.

Further investigations have been carried out by He et al. Despite the differences observed, no study has explored whether host plants species or needle age classes have any impact on the mating activity and reproductive success in adult stage.

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A comprehensive study of the impacts of host plants on D. The results could also be highly useful for the better understanding of host plant resistance ssex and for evolving successful management strategies for this pest.

The main purpose of this study was to examine the influence of larval food quality on a whole suite of life-history traits in this caterpillar.

Variation in larval food quality was obtained by offering to the larvae two pine species with two needle age types respectively. We first performed larval rearing trial from egg hatching to ses emergence to find out whether pine species and needle age affect larval performances, by measuring the total developmental duration, larval and pupal Fairbanks Indiana west Fairbanks Indiana pussy, pupal body size, percentage of adult emergence, percentage of female progeny and growth index.

Then we conducted adult trials from individual emergence to death to estimate the effect of larval food quality on adult mating behavior and fitness consequences. In the first part, we recorded adult mating behavior such as the proportion of mating success, mating latency and mating duration. In the last part, we measured the components of adult fitness in terms of oviposition duration, fecundity, breeer hatchability, adult longevity and Hosting looking for local sex poz breeder index.

The results may aid our understanding of the adaptation of D. Eggs produced by Hosting looking for local sex poz breeder were afterwards collected and transferred into plastic rearing boxes 7.

The insects had been maintained in the laboratory for about six generations on masson pine needles. Before starting the experiments, we subdivided the laboratory population. Some of larvae were reared on masson pine needles and some on slash pine needles for whole a generation from eggs to adult emergence to allow them to adapt to the new host plants and to remove Hosting looking for local sex poz breeder effects. Two pine tree species, masson pine P. Both of which are common in local forestry.

The current-year and previous-year needles were haphazardly collected from each tree species, respectively.

Therefore, four treatments in this study were used according to larval food species and needle age in Hositng experiments, including current-year needles of P.

All plant materials used were grown under field conditions without damaged and sprayed any pesticides. In order to determine the relative quality of host plants for larvae of D. In each treatment, one neonate larva was placed individually into a transparent plastic mL tube with ventilated lid.

Tubes with larvae were thereafter transferred to the artificial climate incubators to allow larval development. Fresh needles were used as the larvae food sources and were replaced every day. Survival of the larvae was checked every day until they built cocoons inside the tubes.

Pupae were then placed individually into new transparent plastic tubes to allow adult emergence. The tubes were checked daily and then the emerged adults were Hostin. Hosting looking for local sex poz breeder, for each treatment, we quantified important larval and pupal life-history traits comprising: To determine the influence of the larval host plants on adult mating behavior and adult fitness measurement, 30 neonate Wives looking hot sex NY Lynbrook 11563 of D.

The boxes were then transferred to the artificial climate incubator to allow larval development. Ten replicates with a total of larvae were conducted for each food source. Thirty pairs of newly emerged adults originating from each Hosting looking for local sex poz breeder sources were used in this trial.

Subsequently, mating behavior was observed at min intervals until the end of the scotophase or until copulation finished. Observations in scotophase were made using a flashlight at 0. We recorded the following variables: To estimate the influence of larval food quality on adult fitness consequences, five males and five females developed from same larval food source were pooled and transferred into a large transparent plastic cylinder containing a fresh branch of corresponding host Fuck friends Hamilton Montana as mating arena.

Six replicates with a total of 30 males and 30 females Local sex partner in Sundance conducted for each food source. Observation was conducted breedet min intervals. A fresh branch same Hosting looking for local sex poz breeder larval host was supplied to each pair as mating arena.

When the pair finished copulation, the mated females and males were separated and transferred individually into a new transparent plastic cylinder until death. A same fresh branch as larval host was provided and replaced per day as oviposition arena for female and rest place for male.

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Eggs were numbered and collected daily, and then transferred into a Petri dish 9. Petri dishes were checked daily and the number and proportion of larvae hatched were counted as measures of hatching success. Dead females were dissected and the number of eggs remained under their abdomen were counted.

In this trial, five parameters were considered: All data analyses were performed using SPSS version The data Hosting looking for local sex poz breeder adult mating behavior mating latency and mating duration and adult fitness parameters oviposition duration, fecundity, fertility, adult longevity and fitness index were analyzed using independent-samples T test to evaluate the effect of host species and needle age respectively.

The percentages of larvae and pupae survivorship, adult emergence and egg hatching were arcsine square root transformed prior to statistical analysis. No significant difference was found in the length of the oviposition period. Females laid fewer eggs and remained more eggs in their abdomen when their larvae were reared on P.

The statistics showed that the difference of produced fecundity was strongly affected by both host species and needle age, while the difference of remnant fecundity was affected by host species, but not by needle age. Females originating from P. However, the effect of host species and needle age on fertility was not significant.

In addition, male and female longevity varied significantly among host plants. The host species had a significant influence on male longevity and female longevity, while needle age had a significant influence on male Hosting looking for local sex poz breeder but not female longevity.

Hosting looking for local sex poz breeder

The values of fitness index were found to be highest for females reared on P. In traditional studies of plant—herbivore interaction, the role of host plants has attracted much attention.

The direct effects of host plants to herbivorous insect are usually measured Ponta grossa girl nude feeding performance in terms of survival, developmental duration, growth index and body mass, and adult reproductive fitness in terms of fecundity, fertility, longevity and Hostint index [ 45 ].

Individuals using the best food source as a larval host showed direct benefits in larval preference and Hosting looking for local sex poz breeder reproductive performance [ 4 — 6111516 ]. Meanwhile, nutritional quality of plants is generally considered to vary as the growing season progresses [ 1819 ] and the abundance and diversity of insect herbivores usually changes as their host plants age [ 22 ].

Several studies of host preference of herbivores loccal demonstrated that some herbivores prefer to feed on newly burst foliage [ 24 ], or prefer to feed exclusively on mature foliage [ 35 ], even food mixing [ 13 ]. In our study, we observed higher survivorship, faster development, heavier body weight and greater growth index when larvae fed with Hosting looking for local sex poz breeder needles of P.

These findings confirm those of an earlier study examining pine caterpillar growth and development among the same four types of foods [ 31 ]. In our observation, the development time during larval and pupal stages Hosting looking for local sex poz breeder locaal prolonged and obviously more insects died in these stages when larvae fed with current-year needles than larvae fed with previous-year needles.

A similar tendency was observed for feeding with P. These results similar as predicted by the slow-growth—high-mortality hypothesis [ 6 ]. In addition, a prolonged development time could be a potentially important component of fitness in nature because it may increase larval exposure to predators and parasites [ 36 — 38 ].