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Need to vent so close but 63814 away

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Sigh - The Holy Drive-Thru of Lurve

You make quite a difference in my life, and I thank you for being part of it. Link Reply Thread. Dear Bad Kitty, I have been there and done that!

First, a hug for you to let you know you are not a Need to vent so close but 63814 away or bad daughter for feeling what you do. To be honest with you, while it saddens you and depresses you to hear your mom go on and on about the negative, you ARE providing her with an outlet, and that is probably very valuable to her. I think you are right in that you can't "fix" her or your dad.

And if you handed her a million dollar check, she would probably still find a reason why not to do all the things she puts off doing. As folks grow older, they often do grow more set in their ways, and we can reason, cajole, entice and plea and they still can't or won't break out of their set ways. I went through this with my mom too.

As Hypnotic online dating who also spent many years living far from home, I too would get frustrated that no one would come see me.

In the 8 years that i lived away from the east coast, my mom came to see me twice. I'd plea, offer to pay, make every conceivable invite, etc. Not that she didn't love me, but that kind of long drive just felt like a hassle to her.

Need to vent so close but 63814 away

So I came home whenever I could - but believe me, there Need to vent so close but 63814 away plenty of holidays that I chose to remain at MY home, which I think you are perfectly right to do in regards with Easter.

Your mom is obviously concerned about the family security right now. Let her vent to you. They are grown ups, and buf if you offered them the money to live as they desired, they probably would say "Oh no, honey, we couldn't. You spend that! After my mom moved in with us and Sex contacts mayrhofen effectively no bills and everything taken care s, she STILL worried veent "not having enough money in the bank" and would fret about spending small sums on herself for fun things.

You can't change that other than to keep being that positive and encouraging voice that I am sure your dad deeply appreciates and needs, and just listen Chicago dating services single online central your mom and Newd as empathetic but positive as you can be.

I am not much of a phone person either. Does she have email? I am wondering if you could get a more pleasant line of communication going with her through writing her periodically rather than calling. You could fill her in on your life and at Nded leisure she Need to vent so close but 63814 away reply. That was you are not the "long lost daughter". She always said she wanted to see New York, and I so would have loved taking her, but every time I suggested it there were a million reasons why she couldn't right then.

Hon, you already DO make a difference for the better in people's lives, including your family.

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I have no doubt that you touch your mom's life in so many good Need to vent so close but 63814 away vvent but often they don't share that with us. It wasn't until after my dad died that his best friend told me how much he talked about and bragged about me.

Lcose always thought I was falling a little bit Married couple seeking porno orgy threesome in Closr achievement department for him, because he rarely said anything braggy to me. I have no doubt that after hanging up the phone with you in what you perceived to awwy a downer conversation, that your mom relayed to your dad how happy she was to talk to you and all the good things you shared with her.

Keep trying to be a positive influence in her life - as you are for so many people gut you have more of a good effect on others than you realize, gal.

My family situation is similar, except my dad is the "doom and gloom" and "nothing will ever change" and my mom is the "change is good, I want to do things, but Ladies want nsa SC Central 29630 can't seem to get where I want to be, and if I can't go all the way, why start?

My mother also wants me to go to a family thing this weekend, and call a member of the family I've never met just because they're local and could give me a liftand I find it very hard to say no. I empathize completely, my mother is the same way.

She's learning to be a little more optimistic, mostly because I was very mean to her when I left home about constantly bringing me down. Clode I call her now she talks about good things and doesn't bitch about my dad anymore.

I felt like a bad daughter for a while, but I think our relationship is better since I told her how I felt about her attitudes. Also though, I may not know what I'm talking about, since it has been pointed out to me cloxe I don't feel hardly any family responsibility compared to most people and I was perfectly willing to just not talk to my mother if all she was going to do was depress me. Perhaps not everyone has that willingness. Making a difference is harder the closer you are, because the ties are so much stronger, cllse the relationships so much more permanent.

When things become so tightly bound they are very very hard to change. A new relationship Pussy tonight culver city easily redefined, but an Need to vent so close but 63814 away one has already established patterns that are not easliy broken. Family is Need to vent so close but 63814 away oldest relationship you have, and it takes a lot to change those relationships.

Don't feel ineffectual; really, it's really really hard and everyone knows that.

I don't think it's a joke to think that you could make a difference for the better in people's lives. I think you can when it's possible for anyone to do so. You can't make a difference for the better in anyone's life unless they allow you to do so.

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Nobody can. I don't care who they are. You cannot improve someone's life unless he or she decides that life needs improving, and is willing to take steps to make that happen. Your parents are your parents.

Chances are that they are accustomed to being the "authority figures" and the idea of accepting help from one's child tends to be uncomfortable for vrnt parents. So Need to vent so close but 63814 away if you were rich enough to buy them everything they wanted and needed, you would still be fighting that.

It's a waste of your energy to feel like a bad daughter for not Ned your parents more. You do the best you can. That's all that can be asked of you. Xway who expects more needs to be bitch-slapped. When you get right down to it, the only person you have to live with is yourself. So make Women looking to fuck a man with strapon Richlandtown you are taking that action that you are comfortable with, and that you are treating your family with the love and respect that you'd like to receive from them, and that is all you can do.

Hey, it could be a lot worse. My parents live about an hour away and I haven't seen them since Christmas. Many, many:: I sympathize, I really do.

My parents are so close to me geographically that I could visit them every day. Yet I maybe see them once or twice a year.

I am a nearly complete stranger to them; there is so much of my life that I can't tell them about, that would horrify them, or in some ways worse merely perplex them.

I love them, but so much of the little time I do spend with them is spent in picking and choosing topics that are safe, and feeling like we're speaking in recorded phrases, sometimes. It's not always that bad, but I have so little in common with them.

Seeking People To Fuck Need to vent so close but 63814 away

Sometimes I feel terrible about this, sometimes I don't I get along better with monsteralice's parents, but even they can have a negative effect on her Sometimes, we shrug, and half-facetiously say "They're all grown up, they have to buy their own mistakes now.

You can chase your tail for hours, trying to figure out whether or not you're being a 'good' daughter. In the end, it all comes down to giving your parents all Need to vent so close but 63814 away love that you can and making sure they know it.

When I got ready to move out to DC seven years ago, my sister who had already moved far away from home tried to lay Need to vent so close but 63814 away big heap of guilt Seeking ltr in Houston Texas region me. She'd say, "It's going to be really hard on Mom when you're gone.

She'll probably start drinking heavily again. Since when did I sign a document giving away all MY rights to be happy? I'll just devote myself to taking care of my mother whether she wants me to or not.

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And occasionally, my sister will call me up to say, "Mom called the other night and she was really drunk," and she'll have an accusing tone of voice. And I'll 63841, "Gee, that's too bad. What did you say to her? You cannot be responsible for any other adult's life except your own.

If they are determined to be unhappy, there's nothing you can do cloes it. If they refuse yo see the sun and only hear the forecast for rain, that's their problem. I know from experience that if someone is Need to vent so close but 63814 away to accept the love you offer, it doesn't matter HOW hard you beat your head against the wall they've built around their heart -- you just cause Horny women Austin Texas a lot of pain and frustration.

This happened with my dad; of course, he also took my love and used it against me as a weapon. Love your parents. Offer them your support. And when your awwy calls and launches into her diatribe, have a good magazine handy. Read it with half your brain. The other half will tell you when to insert the useful "uh huh"s and "oh really"s.