Reading of TRIGGER by Sam Chanse at New Dramatists


Free public reading of Sam Chanse's play TRIGGER on Thursday, December 14 @ 3pm. To reserve your seats call (212) 757-6960 or click here

This is an opportunity for Sam and I to workshop her play before the Leviathan Lab production at IATI Theatre in February/March.

When Lee recognizes a childhood friend on a video of a racist rant that goes viral, Lee's sister Grace urges her to reach out and try to reconnect. As Lee become uncomfortably reacquainted with her former friend, a deteriorating domestic situation and sudden crisis strengthen the storm of emotions brewing around her. In a time of heightened fear and anger, how can Lee connect with others, and contend with her own rage?

Blithe Spirit at The Guthrie Theatre


Began assisting on Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward at The Guthrie Theatre this week.  The play is directed by David Ivers and runs November 25, 2017 - January 14, 2018.

It’s summertime in Kent and Charles Condomine is working on his latest novel, The Unseen. As part of his research he and his wife Ruth host a séance with an eccentric medium known as Madame Arcati and invite their friends to play along. But the evening takes a supernatural turn when Arcati conjures Charles’ deceased first wife, who doesn’t have plans to leave. Lighthearted and endearing, this otherworldly classic is sure to tickle your goosebumps!

Reading – Un (the completely true story of the rise of Kim Jong Un) by John Kim at Pan Asian Rep


UN (a completely true story of the rise of Kim Jong Un) pulls back the curtain on the madman tyrant to fill the gaps between the little we know about his life and actions. Beneath the sculpted horn like hair, there was once a boy who wanted to be Michael Jordan. Meet Kim Jong Un. If we look beyond our fear of North Korean caricatures, what might we find?

Playwright John Kim hails from Brooklyn and army bases around the country. He got his start as a writer/actor in DC. He received his MFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU. John has built tech products for companies like AOL, Conversagent, Microsoft, and Simple. He's currently Co-Founder of Presence AI, a company that builds AI for everyday businesses.

Barn Arts Collective - Words Words... by Joe Ngo


Working with performer Joe Ngo on his one-person show Words Words... at Barn Arts Collective. This is a play that we have been working on at Leviathan Lab. 

Lots of time to work...and eat lobster!

About Words Words...:
A man struggles to connect with his mother in her native Teo Chew language, he realizes he is in a constant fight to stop the loss of his cultural heritage.


Theater for a New Audience - the Actors and Directors Project


From July 5 to July 16, Flordelino participated in The Actors and Directors Project, which was hosted by Theater for a New Audience in Brooklyn, NY.

The project was created by Jeffrey and Cicley Berry, Director of Voice at The Royal Shakespeare Company, to investigate how actors and directors work together to bring Shakespeare’s worlds alive through the language. This year, the project was led by Alison Bomber, from the Royal Shakespeare Company.


2017 Drama League NY Directing Fellowship


Flordelino is a proud recipient of the 2017 Drama League NY Directing Fellowship. The other three recipients of the fellowship are Rebecca Martinez, Bonnie Gabel, and Matt Dickson.

As a part of the fellowship, recipients attend professionals week, where they attend performances, participate in seminars and workshops with industry professionals; participate in a Master Director Retreat; assist on two productions; and direct for DirectorFest, where they direct a fully produced production for audiences that include artistic directors, producers and other industry professionals.