VIETGONE, Mixed Blood Theatre

Lagundino is most notable as Quang’s sidekick Nahn who seems like a freewheeling, hooker chasing goofball, but in the end he proves he’s rather observant and insightful.

– One Girl, Two Cities

But this CAST.

– Minnesota Theater Love



Wilde’s words can be deadly, his plays long and languid in the hands of amateurs. Not so at Perseverance. Throughout the evening Flordelino Lagundino in the role of Algernon playfully delivers dialogue, making it sound natural. Lagundino lives in the world of the play, draping himself in five different ways on the fainting couch, stuffing muffins into his mouth, turning the aristocratic mansion and country house patio into playgrounds. His time-period posture and poses anchor his highly entertaining, energetic performance. Knowing how and when to give and take on stage is an art he has mastered.

– The Juneau Empire


8 STARS OF GOLD, Perseverance Theatre

Flordelino gives us a very entertaining portrait of Wally Hickel's wife Erma Lee which is alone worth the price of admission.

– The Juneau Empire


SHAKESPEARE’S R&J, Generator Theater Company

"Shakespeare's R&J" becomes as much about the reactions of the players to their chums' abandon in playing the roles as it is about the tragedy of the star-crossed lovers. That's not to say that it's bleak or dark, however; director Flordelino Lagundino capitalizes on the prep-school setting to wring every drop of sexuality out of Shakespeare's text, served up with the crude abandon in which teenage boys — and in this case, a receptive audience — revel.

– Anchorage Daily News

Lagundino has pulled out of the script a vigorous inquiry into the nature of love, manhood and emotional violence. Themes including homophobia and sexism are established in a strident, modern, way at the top of the play with the men reciting clips from their Latin or social studies homework in unison.

– The Juneau Empire


DOUBT, Perseverance Theatre

"Doubt" is a meaty nugget of a play. With only four characters, a rich slice of life is created, layering together themes of sexism, racism, morality, creativity and the hierarchy of power.

– The Juneau Empire


YELLOWMAN, Perseverance Theatre

The main reason to see this gritty performance is to witness an astounding tour-de-force by two exceptionally talented actors who create a whole seething, breathing world on stage.

Lee and Barbour expend a prodigious amount of energy bringing a complex script to life: I especially loved their portrayal of Alma and Eugene as children. Of course, this is when the rituals of their inner torture and rejection began, but the actors are simply delightful in their exuberant portrayal of childhood energy. They fairly fly around the stage, playing patty-cake and bouncing up and down the dusty small-town Carolina roads in the stifling heat.

As they mature their interaction becomes more nuanced; the consummation of their sweet love is beautifully portrayed - a slow and gymnastic pas de deux. So why does this love unravel? Because of the rancor of hatred, fueled by alcoholism and hopelessness. Not cheery themes. But the acting is truly a marvel.

– The Juneau Empire


THE LONG SEASON, Perseverance Theatre

Songs in the wilderness: Play focuses on life of Alaskeros

“When people are inclusive, I find that much, much more interesting,” remarks Flordelino Lagundino, who portrays the fiery labor organizer Bong Bong.  “Performing as a Filipino hardly ever happens. The best experiences I’ve had with plays are with a multicultural cast.”

Adds Lagundino, “They made this Filipino story mainstream by putting in a very traditional musical formula, which universalizes the Filipino American experience. It makes it available for everyone, not just Filipinos, because they have this emotional connection. It’s a human experience, not just a Filipino experience.” –

– Philippine News, Dennis Solis


AS YOU LIKE IT, Washington Shakespeare Company

And kudos to whoever decided his beloved Audrey should be played as a deliciously dim transvestite hooker by Flordelino Lagundino.  [The scenes with Touchstone and Lagundino] are priceless.

            –The City Paper, Bob Mondello

Flordelino Lagundino as an Asian-accented, cross-dressed, fabulously costumed, sluttish and alluring Audrey steals the show.

            – Gwendolyn Bradley


WILLY WONKA, The Kennedy Center

Flordelino Lagundino makes a likably peppy Charlie.

            – Washington Post, Nelson Pressley


BOXING ENNUI, Cherry Red Productions

Giving the proceedings a freakishly funny and frightening resonance is Lagundino as an off-kilter mime.

            – City Paper, Alexander C. Kafka


2016 WEARABLE ART, Juneau Arts and Humanities Council


2012 WEARABLE ART, Juneau Arts and Humanities Council
Lagundino an invisible yet tangible presence in this weekend’s art scene

– The Juneau Empire