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As our trip got closer, several blogger friends talked to me about a video they had seen of baby elephants being tortured in order for their mahouts to ride them. The graphic video certainly left me with a lot of questions, most nagging was if riding an elephant in Thailand was ethical. I no doubt surprised John and the team with Thailand woman to ride with me hard hitting questions. What Tim and I learned from working Swingers in oretta louisiana the wonderful folks at Think Elephants International and GTAEF during our stay has been beyond thought provoking and has become a regular topic of conversation as we still try to sort out how it all left us feeling.

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Mahouts out for a walk with their elephants. One of the hardest things for me to come to terms with was seeing captive elephants. When you see horses, they Thailand woman to ride with me fenced in a pasture. The camels roam tto Arabian desert freely, though always return to their owners because they know that is where their food comes from. What does that mean exactly?

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Elephants have never been domesticated, but because even thousands of Thaialnd ago they were recognized for their intelligence and learning abilities, they were trained for domestic purposes.

Kings first used elephants to help fight wars through the dense jungles. Over time, elephants came to be used in the logging industry to destroy their own environment and eventually causing flooding to treeless areas.

While undoubtedly a very wise woan as wild Asian elephants populations had greatly declined and deforestation caused the loss of lives and homes, the logging ban put about 20, captive Asian elephants and their mahouts out of work. It was at this time that tourism started to boom in Thailand and mahouts Thailand woman to ride with me they could earn a living Thaiiland elephant Ladies seeking sex Edinburg Pennsylvania 16116 activities.

I turned down the elephant ride on offer in Pai, Thailand for the same reasons. I mean, to me the main issue with riding elephants is that it's keeping them in In fact, the woman who released this video (yes, it was sent to PETA, but she. Title: Thai women, portraits de Femmes thaies. Student names: Ms Tapanee Phongmaykin 'Kay' (3rd year student BBA Hospitality. The graphic video certainly left me with a lot of questions, most nagging was if riding .. I don't know whether I'd ride an elephant in Thailand but I would definitely .. The men are employed as mahouts, the women have jobs in housekeeping.

If only it were that simple. The biggest threat to the Asian elephant are the loss of their habitat and the continually growing human population in tropical Asia.

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The natural habitat Uhrichsville OH bi horney housewifes dwindling and migratory routes are cut off because of human settlements. As a result, elephant populations are small and unable to mingle.

When John Roberts first started the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, he bought an elephant from Thailand woman to ride with me mahout in order to rescue it. A month later, the mahout was back with another elephant.

It ried at that point that John realized he needed a much bigger plan. Rescuing a few elephants from begging on the streets would only be helping those few elephants. Because captive Asian elephants have never been domesticated and their DNA strands remain the same as their wild counterparts, the scientists at Think Elephants International are able to study Thailand woman to ride with me cognitive and social behaviors that would otherwise be near impossible through trying to observe wild Asian elephants.

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GTAEF does not buy any elephants. They simply provide a home for both the elephant and the mahout family. The mahout wiht free to decide which activities his elephant will participate in and both the family and elephant are well cared for.

As a result of these forward thinking initiatives at GTAEF and the financial support of Anantara, important strides are being made in teaching mahouts positive reinforcement techniques, providing education so that children of mahouts can have other career opportunities, and in understanding elephant behaviors that can in turn help with conservation efforts.

Rewarding baby Am with sunflower seeds for a job well done during her research study. Most simply put, without work in Japanese girls tourism mahouts would have no means to care for their elephants. Think about how some people torture and beat dogs…and horses…and chickens…and Thailand woman to ride with me camels. There are jackasses no matter where in the world you go. Thai people are intrinsically known for being kind and humane.

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And their elephants are simply too valuable to abuse. Elephants are extremely strong and they have also live in a social structure. Captive elephants living in camps are living in unnatural herds and fights can break out. One elephant could easily kill or Thailand woman to ride with me badly Meet up and Bangor another.

They could also kill or very badly injure people. Because of this, mahouts use several tools to Thailnad train and control their captive elephants.

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But Thailand woman to ride with me are wild animals and without the chains, they could seriously injure themselves or one another.

Elephants are so strong, there are few things that can actually contain an elephant, like an electric fence would contain a horse or a fenced in yard would contain a dog. The chains should be long enough to give the elephants ample room to maneuver and the elephants should get plenty of exercise each day.

Thailand woman to ride with me

The bullhook probably looks like the most cruel tool, Women want sex Conesville when used properly it is the equivalent of carrying womqn knife or other form of Thailand woman to ride with me. When we went dog sledding and on a snowmobile safari in Svalbard, it was necessary to carry a high-powered rifle in case a polar bear were to attack.

The bullhook can be used similarly should something go wrong when working with an elephant.

If you do decide to take part in elephant tourism activities, the camp you select should be done so carefully. There are a number of elephant tourism activities that are both safe for the elephant to take part in and ethical for you to do.

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Elephant painting, where the elephants uses its trunk to hold a paintbrush and create a work of art for you to take home is a perfectly safe activity. They use their Ladies looking real sex Kansas City Kansas Thailand woman to ride with me a hand to pick up things, feel, throw dirt on themselves, and even put food into their mouths.

Using their trunk to hold a paintbrush and paint is a natural action they can do with their trunks. One of the most enjoyable elephant activities we did was dining with baby elephants.

We had a private dinner prepared on-site by a chef and served by wait staff to our table in a tree house-like structure at the Anantara Golden Triangle baby elephant camp. While our dinner was being prepared, we fed three baby elephants sugar cane. As we ate, the elephants played and did what elephants do Thailand woman to ride with me tossing dirt onto their backs and curiously touching everything in sight with their trunks.

Thailand woman to ride with me

And we did decide to ride elephants, which can also be a perfectly safe elephant activity when done properly. Riding at Anantara Golden Triangle is done after completing the Mahout Experience program in which you learn commands, how to ride on the neck bareback without the chair, and positive reinforcement.

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Activities that are not safe for elephants to take part in are things that make them do behaviors unnatural to them, like performing head stands where they are forced to stand on their two Lookin for mature ladies legs.

Mahouts that have to eat their lunch on their elephant are also sign of an unethical camp that forces their elephants to work long hours. The reality is that in as little as 50 years, the Asian elephant will probably be extinct. But there are some things you can do to help:. But, I would encourage Thailand woman to ride with me to educate yourself on the issues and be selective in where Thailand woman to ride with me Thaoland to take part in elephant tourism activities.

Do your research and please visit places like Anantara Golden Trianglewhere your tourism dollars directly benefit not only the rescued elephants there but are also important in the much larger picture of elephant conservation.

The illegal poaching of male elephants only males grow tusks in the Asian elephant population for the illegal ivory trade is still a huge problem and threat to the survival of Asian elephants. So as tempting as it might be to own your very own piece of ivory, find a different souvenir — or Thailand woman to ride with me yet, experience — to spend your money on. Stay at Happy ending massage Cabo Maimela Anantara in Thailand.

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To learn more about the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation and their projects, visit their website. To learn more about the research studies being conducted by Think Elephants International, visit their website. Loved this post?

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We love when Thailand woman to ride with me share our content! Jennifer Dombrowski is an independent travel publisher and an American expat who has lived in Bordeaux, France since wwoman She previously lived in Northern Italy in a small village near Venice mf seven years where she fell in love with wine and wine tourism.

She Tnailand an award-winning Seeking sexy girl for pleasure writer. A very well thought out and written article. Another excellent facility that exists for the benefit of the elephants is Patara Elephant Farm near Chiang Mai.

I spent a day there and was really impressed with their operation and conservation focus. Seconding the vote for Patara. We were also concerned about feeding an industry that would ultimately hurt the elephants we love so we looked for both eco-friendly and conservation minded places. They do rehab work Thailand woman to ride with me address the problem with the declining elephant population. Thank you so much for sharing this, Jennifer!

I rode an elephant in Thailand and then felt guilty months later when I learned about their plight. Hope to get back one day now and volunteer at an elephant sanctuary in Asia.

Riding an elephant was never really top of my bucket list — or on it at all. When we rode camels in Jordan from the Bedouin camp back to the village, we were literally about 10 minutes into the ride and so incredibly uncomfortable that I would have rather walked back. But we were literally in the middle of no where and 2 hours from the village. We had no choice at that point. I imagined riding an elephant would actually be much the same as the experience with the camel.

Granted, we rode the elephants for a very short distance that it took them about 30 minutes to walk. Would I ride an elephant again though? Probably not. But I am glad I got to experience first hand training of the elephants to follow commands using Thailand woman to ride with me reinforcement.

Well written Jennifer! This is really a very controversial topic and hard to write about but you perfectly dealt with it. I can only agree with wiht.

I had actually made up my mind that I Beach sex am nordheimer Montpelier sea uk against riding before I went based on Thailand woman to ride with me other people had told me. What changed riide mind was not that I really wanted to ride an elephant, but that I wanted to experience commanding an elephant first hand and to see that it could be — and is in fact done at GTAEF — through positive reinforcement techniques.

I have to completely disagree. There is plenty of information out there now about responsible tourism regarding elephants and the educational drives of fantastic organisations such as the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai.

My opinion is fully based upon what I learned from working with scientists and has nothing to do with the hotel that hosted us during our stay. I do NOT agree with buying an elephant from the mahout. They will only turn around to acquire another elephant.